Roots & Wings Pediatrics Concierge Medicine Membership

What is Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine or Direct Primary Care (DPC) differs from a traditional practice in many ways but the focus is on QUALITY of care over QUANTITY of care.  The number of patients is limited in a concierge practice so that the physician can truly dedicate her time to getting to know her patients/families.  This allows the doctor to see fewer patients per day and provide longer appointment times.  While this works well for children with special abilities, it also is great for just about everyone as it allows more time for all questions to be answered and what-if scenarios to be addressed.  

When you do call with questions or need to be seen, you get Dr. Sinclair directly.  Yes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  She will answer your questions, decide if your child needs to be seen, and you will work together to find a convenient time for that to happen.  Knowing that she is only a text, email, or phone call away provides enormous reassurance.  

Kids are unpredictable and so are their illnesses.  Avoid unnecessary and expensive Urgent Care and Emergency Room visits, even when you are out of town!  She can look at the rash over facetime or take a detailed history and often provide what is needed.  Your children deserve the best care and Dr. Sinclair wants to provide it to you, making your life a little less hectic. Call today to schedule a free consultation to see if Roots and Wings Pediatrics is the right fit for your family!


What’s Included in the Roots & Wings Membership

Roots and Wings Pediatrics works on a membership basis.  This eliminates the middle man and brings back direct patient centered care – just you and your doctor.  Your monthly fee means nobody dictates how long you can spend with your doctor and she is not rushing to see 25 more patients that day.  There are no hidden fees and no surprise bills.  All your child’s primary care needs are covered with one known and steady fee! 

General Care

  • All primary care well visits
  • Unlimited sick visits
  • Vaccines
  • 24/7 direct access to pediatrician
  • Home visits at the doctors discretion
  • Latch evaluations for breastfeeding
  • Daycare forms and sports physical forms filled out quickly
  • Developmental assessments


  • Ear piercing
  • Nexplanon insertion
  • Frenotomy (tongue tie clipping)
  • Circumcisions
  • Vitamin K Injection
  • Suturing

Not a member? No problem. We can perform the listed procedures for a fee. Call us to see what’s available.

Some procedures have additional fees for members.


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