Local Direct Primary Care Practices

Love Concierge Medicine So Much You Want It for Yourself?

In the Columbus, Ohio, area, DPC (Direct Primary Care) within concierge medicine symbolizes a move toward a more direct, individualized, and streamlined healthcare experience. This model emphasizes financial interactions between the patient and the healthcare provider, circumventing the conventional insurance-based billing systems. This approach is particularly resonant in Columbus, where the emphasis on personalized care aligns with the community’s healthcare needs and preferences.

Direct Primary Care in Columbus

To help you with this approach to healthcare, below is a list of local DPC providers in the Columbus area offering a range of services to meet your personalized health needs.

Healthcare Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur buying insurance on the open market, finding the right coverage can be a challenge. We’ve identified Cost Shares, Sedera, and Zion as alternative solutions that offer more flexibility and affordability. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of each, along with their logos, to help you explore these cost-effective healthcare options.


Present a new and cost-effective option for managing healthcare expenses to your team. This approach will lower expenses and increase the amount of money your team members can save.


As a Zion HealthShare member, contact us before non-emergency medical visits for guidance. At appointments, mention you’re self-paying. Approved medical costs are shared with community support, and you’ll coordinate payments through your member portal.