Do you want more access to and more time with your pediatrician?

Roots & Wings Pediatrics is a Concierge Medicine practice servicing Columbus Ohio. Let Dr. Catherine Sinclair help you receive the medical care your children deserve.

Pediatrician checking childs ear
Your children deserve unlimited access to your pediatrician and now Roots & Wings Pediatrics provides the solution! Forget waiting rooms and feeling rushed during your appointments, Dr. Sinclair can take all the time you need.

10+ Years


About the Doctor

Dr. Sinclair is a board-certified pediatrician who believes that easy access to evidence-based medical care is essential.  She also knows that raising children is hard (she has three of them) and that kids never get sick at convenient times! She opened Roots and Wings Pediatrics to provide convenient access to excellent medical care for your children and to make life a little easier for everyone at stressful times. 

How You Benefit

As a parent, Dr. Sinclair understands the fear and helplessness of caring for another human being!  As a working parent with a partner who also has a demanding career, she very much understands the limitations on our time and the need for more flexibility and convenience with healthcare.  After much thought and creativity, she founded Roots and Wings Pediatrics to allow other working parents easy access to evidence-based medicine and excellent pediatric care for their children while being able to provide the time and commitment to her patients she believes they deserve.


What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is the type of care your grandparents received from their doctor! By limiting the number of patients and charging a monthly fee, Dr. Sinclair is able to establish a true, meaningful relationship with your family. Visits may be 30-60 minutes or a problem might be able to be solved over the phone! With less patients to see, she can spend more time talking to you and helping you navigate the fears and frustrations of parenting someone with a developing brain! This also allows for home visits, a more tailored approach for vaccines, and time for children who struggle with transitions. Concierge medicine is just what it sounds like – a doctor who caters to your family’s needs to make
medical care easier for your children!

  • 24/7 direct access to pediatrician via text, phone, or email – no midlevel providers or waiting line
  • Convenience for busy families – get in to see YOUR doctor the same day or next day.
  • Continuity of care – not seeing different doctors or going to Urgent Care
  • Longer appointments so ALL of your concerns are heard and addressed

What’s Included in the Roots & Wings Membership

Roots and Wings Pediatrics works on a membership basis.  This eliminates the middle man and brings back direct patient centered care – just you and your doctor.  Your monthly fee means nobody dictates how long you can spend with your doctor and she is not rushing to see 25 more patients that day.  There are no hidden fees and no surprise bills.  All your child’s primary care needs are covered with one known and steady fee! 

General Care

  • All primary care well visits
  • Unlimited sick visits
  • Vaccines
  • 24/7 direct access to pediatrician
  • Home visits at the doctors discretion
  • Latch evaluations for breastfeeding
  • Daycare forms and sports physical forms filled out quickly
  • Developmental assessments


  • Ear piercing
  • Nexplanon insertion
  • Frenotomy (tongue tie clipping)
  • Circumcisions
  • Vitamin K Injection
  • Suturing

Not a member? No problem. We can perform the listed procedures for a fee. Call us to see what’s available.

Some procedures have additional fees for members.


You Have Questions and We Have Answers

All, but we only use it on expensive things.  Roots and Wings Pediatrics works on a membership basis.  Insurance will be billed for vaccinations, some labs, and when you need imaging or to see a specialist. Your monthly fee includes all services including many laboratory evaluations. Since your membership is not tied to insurance, you never have to change doctors when you change jobs or insurance. This provides continuity of care and will lead to better health outcomes.

Roots and Wings Pediatrics is not an insurance plan in and of itself.  It is recommended you still carry insurance for possible specialists visits or surgeries.  Your child’s vaccines will be billed directly to your insurance as well by the pharmacy as is done with traditional practices and other medications.  If you do not have insurance, we will work with you to find a workable solution.

Visits to specialists, urgent care, emergency rooms, or admissions to the hospital.  Any services obtained not at Roots and Wings Pediatrics (xrays, some bloodwork, prescription medications, etc).  Many common lab tests (strep, urine, flu, glucose, etc) are covered with your membership.

We can at the doctor’s discretion.  The office is set up with equipment and medicine to makes things seamless.  Sometimes getting care at home is scarier for kids because it changes their “safe space” but late at night with other children asleep, we get it and will come to you if feasible.  Also, we will gladly come to you to assist with lactation or perform frenotomies.

Yes! Roots and Wings Pediatrics is happy to provide you with an invoice for fees but recommends you speak directly with your insurance plan to ensure your funds can be used to pay for membership.

Having health insurance does not guarantee excellence pediatric care or service.  Many pediatricians have large patient panels and cannot take extra time to address multiple concerns at one visit or even see you the same day you call.  Many insurance plans have very high deductibles and urgent care is expensive!  The membership fee at Roots and Wings Pediatrics allows you to have direct contact with the physician who knows your child 24/7 and ensure all your questions are answered and concerns are addressed at your convenience.  Croup at 10pm? Call and we will take care of it.  Roots and Wings Pediatrics is designed for convenience with the patient as the top priority!

Dr. Sinclair recognizes that ALL children deserve outstanding, personalized care, regardless of income.  A limited number of memberships have been reserved for children who need easy access to care without the means to pay for this convenience.  Call today to see if any discounted spots are available!

Absolutely!  Roots and Wings Pediatrics is all about convenience.  Dr. Sinclair can address many issues without a visit to the office, often just with texts back and forth.  When you are out of town, this becomes especially important but even when local, saving a trip to the office can be extremely handy with your busy schedule. 


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